Evergreen Wealth Formula Review | Did it Work? Results Inside

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review – Did James Scholes Scam Me?


Welcome to my Evergreen Wealth Formula review.

In this review, I’ll be touching on what is the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0, how it works and what you’ll get once inside the member’s area.

Then, at the end of this review, I’ll be sharing the results I got so you’ll know whether or not it’s worth your time.

Now to clarify, I’m a paid up member with full access to the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

Here’s proof of my purchase:

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review – always be sceptical if a reviewer cannot prove they’ve had access to the product. If they can’t, they shouldn’t be reviewing the product in the first place.

So this isn’t some fake review designed purely to make me a commission, or “bait and switch” you to some dumb-ass program like the Wealthy Affiliate program like you see their affiliates do.

Oh no, this is the real deal and I’m going to tell you the good, the bad, and of course, the ugly.

So if you’re looking for a legitimate Evergreen Wealth Formula review from someone who’ve actually used it, you’ve come to the right place!

Ok, lets begin.

What is the Evergreen Wealth Formula about?

If I had to pigeon-hole the Evergreen Wealth Formula, I would say it’s a complete “done for you” business in a box.

Yeah, I know, this sounds hypey as hell but stick with me on this…

Not only do you get everything you need training wise, but you get all the content and websites you need to make the Evergreen Wealth Formula work.

So there’s no content creation or website building, because like I said, it’s all done for you.

Believe me, this makes life soooo much easier – you just set it up like it shows you in the Evergreen Wealth Formula and you’re ready to go.

This will be great for anyone who’s starting out or they don’t want to bother learning all that complicated marketing guff like coding, mastering the art of copywriting and writing endless articles which can take years and years to learn and get good at.

What’s inside the Evergreen Wealth Formula?

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review - Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review – this is a shot taken in the member’s area. The training is very “step by step” and it’s incredibly easy to follow as a result.

So what do you get when you become a Evergreen Wealth Formula member? Well here’s all the modules and what you’ll be learning in them.

Module 1. Setup:

In this module, you’ll be setting up your webpages James gives you in the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

You’ll also be monetising these webpages with affiliate offers. Now you can use the affiliate offers James Scholes has already picked out for you or change them to other affiliate offers (or your own products if you have any).

Personally, if you’re starting out, I’d stick with the ones James has picked out for you as they’re proven to convert, and as a result, they’ll make you more money quicker.

Picking your own affiliate offers when starting out can be a rather frustrating process – you don’t know what to look for when finding high converting offers and picking the wrong ones will only stall your results.

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review - Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review – one of the best things about the course is the support. You can either email James Scholes personally or contact him in the member’s area. Either way, he will always reply fast (sometimes in minutes!) with helpful and detailed replies. 

Module 2. Site Setup:

In this module, you’ll be setting up your very own fully functioning website, filled to the brim with quality content.

Now this sounds like a lot of work, but believe, it really isn’t. The website takes only two minutes to setup (you just click a few buttons and it’s all setup), and the content is all done for you – you just copy and paste it in, then drop your affiliate links in where James tells you where to put them.

Module 3. Automate and Scale:

This is where you start driving traffic to your website using the Automated Traffic Streams.

Now I’ll be honest with you, it’s quite a simple, yet ingenious traffic method what James teaches here. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

These Automated Traffic Streams are easy to implement and they should take 20 to 30 minutes to setup first time around. After that, they’ll only take no longer than a minute to duplicate the process as all the hard work was done the first time setting them up

As a result of this, it’s very easy to scale up your traffic using these Automated Traffic Streams as they only take minutes to setup each time.

I’m very impressed with this and it’s finally made traffic generation easy for me as I was struggling with it previously.

Module 4. Automate and Scale Part 2:

Just like the previous module, this is another traffic method using automation.

Now this traffic method takes some time to setup, but once you’ve got everything in place, this will drive you a lot more traffic than what’s taught in the last module.

And once again, you can scale this up. It will take longer but it’s worth it because the amount of traffic you’ll drive is a lot. Plus, it just comes in day after day in a completely automated fashion.

And if you’re getting traffic everyday, you’re making daily sales.

Definitely worth it though as I’m getting really good results with this particular traffic method.

Module 5. Fast Traffic Methods:

Now personally, I love the traffic methods taught in module 3 and 4 as they deliver traffic on a daily basis in a completely automated manner.

However, the biggest flaw I’ve noticed (if want to get nit-picky) with these automated traffic methods is that they don’t generate the fastest traffic – they take a little while to build momentum.

Thankfully, if you want fast results, James has totally got you covered. He shares additional traffic methods that can get you really fast results.

I’ve tested a few of these methods while doing my Evergreen Wealth Formula review and they do indeed work, as in, they get you traffic the same day implementing them.

But for me, I’m not too bothered about these methods as I’d rather spend my time on the methods taught in the module 3 and 4 due to the scaleability of these traffic methods.

But hey, if you want fast results, it’s always nice to know you have the choice, right.

Module 6. Bonuses:

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review - Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review – these bonuses were a complete surprise when I signed up. These are not junk PLR either but fully fledged courses that teaches you additional methods you can use to make money and generate traffic.

Now this was a bit of a surprise for me when doing my Evergreen Wealth Formula review as there was no bonuses advertised when I purchased.

However, when I noticed the “Bonus” tab, I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole heap of bonus content like free courses and additional methods on various ways of making money and traffic generation.

I don’t think it’s fair of me to tell you what they are as they wasn’t advertised and I think James Scholes wants to keep them as a surprise for new Evergreen Wealth Formula members.

But there is some very valuable content within the bonus section and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see them.

Does the Evergreen Wealth Formula work?

So, you’re probably wondering if the Evergreen Wealth Formula actually works?

After all, this all sounds great on paper but that doesn’t necessarily equate to real world results though, does it.

I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve purchased courses that look impressive, yet they never made me a dime online.

Thankfully, I’ve been implementing the Evergreen Wealth Formula for around 4 months and I can tell you first-hand whether it works or not.

The first couple of weeks, I didn’t make anything as I was busy setting up the Evergreen Wealth Formula and working on other aspects of my business. But on the third week, I made my first commission:

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review - Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review – yeah, it’s not much but I was pretty impressed as I’ve only been implementing the Evergreen Wealth Formula for around 3 weeks before I made this commission.

Yeah I know, it’s not megabucks but it was nice to see results this early on. Plus, it really motivated me to keep going with the Evergreen Wealth Formula too.

So with my new found motivation, I decided to spend a few minutes everyday adding more Automate Traffic Streams to see if I can increase my income.

Fast forward 3 months later and this is what I did yesterday with JVZoo while writing this Evergreen Wealth Formula review:

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review - Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review – this was my best day so far with the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

Now if I’m honest with you, this is my best day yet using the Evergreen Wealth Formula. It’s usually around $100 – $150 a day I normally make.

However, that said, I’ve have noticed my income gradually grow as I add more Automated Income Streams. So it’s something I’ll definitely be devoting more time to as I can see the potential of scaling this up over time.

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review Summary: Recommended?

Should you get the Evergreen Wealth Formula? Yes, I definitely recommend it.

It’s easy to follow, all the websites and content is done for you and the support is top-notch.

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review - Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review – it gets a big thumbs up from me.

In fact, James always replies within hours, sometimes minutes, with helpful and detailed answers. This will really help accelerate your progress as you’ve literally got a professional on speed-dial to bail you out if you ever get stuck.

But what ultimately matters is whether the Evergreen Wealth Formula works, as in, makes you money. And as as you can see, it’s proved to be very profitable for me so far.

Like I said, I’ve made my first commission 3 weeks after purchasing the Evergreen Wealth Formula, and 3 months later, I’m averaging around $100 – $150 a day online.

I hope you found my Evergreen Wealth Formula review helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them down below in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer your questions for you.

Sean Abbott

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Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review Score:


Ease of use


Likelihood of getting results


Quality of Support



  • Easy to setup and use
  • Delivered fast results income wise
  • Superb support


  • Quite a lot to setup, initially

12 Replies to “Evergreen Wealth Formula Review | Did it Work? Results Inside”

  1. Hey, that’s great results you got using the EWF. I’ve been following James for a while and he always sends out awesome free training all the time. I’ve spoke to him a few times too and he always happy to answer my emails which is always a good sign as most of these marketers are really slack when it comes to answer emails !!

    Thanks for backing up your review with your receipt. Most reviews you find in Google are fake and are just trying to bait and switch you to another program like the WA like you mentioned !

    1. No problem Josh, happy you found my Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review helpful.

      in my opinion, if you’re willing to apply what’s taught, then anyone can make money with it.

      I found it really easy anyway as it’s such a well laid-out course with brilliant support and all the content done for you so there’s no content required which is a godsend.

      Nice that you noticed I verified myself a Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 member too.

      There’s just too many fake reviews in Google today, and a lot of them just make it up on the spot and then bait and switch you to another program they’re affiliated it to.

      It’s very deceitful marketing in my opinion, but hey, these guys will do whatever it takes to make a quick buck online – regardless if it damages their reputation in the long run.

      Good luck and thanks for checking out my Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review.

      Sean Abbott

  2. Hey Sean, just came across your review on Facebook and I thought I’d share my own personal experience regarding the Evergreen Wealth Formula and the latest version, the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0.

    I first became a member way back in 2013 when it first originally launched and I must say, it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business.

    Before the Evergreen Wealth Formula, I was a struggling newbie who tried everything but failed at everything. I was seriously going throw in the towel because I genuinely started to think this whole internet marketing thing was just one big scam.

    Thankfully, I came across James Scholes and that’s when everything changed for me. I invested in his Evergreen Wealth Formula program and James was able to break everything down and walk me through the entire process, from start to finish.

    Not only did he point me in the right direction, but he held my hand throughout the entire process with all the detailed training and amazing support he gives as well.

    Fast forward today and it’s not uncommon for me to hit 5 figures a month now, and it’s all because of James Scholes’s Evergreen Wealth Formula program.

    I just wanted to share my thoughts because it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made and it really has changed my life for the better.

    Awesome review and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

    Excellent stuff, indeed!

    1. That’s really impressive Andy.

      Although I’m not hitting the figures you’re making with the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0, I am making a few hundred dollars a day and it’s gradually growing as I keep adding to it (you can see the results I’m getting at the end of my review if you’re interested).

      May I ask, are you using any other programs to make that income or are you just using the Evergreen Wealth Formula and nothing else?


  3. Let me put it this way, I haven’t purchased any programs or courses since becoming an Evergreen Wealth Formula member.

    So no, I’m not using any additional training or programs in conjunction with the Evergreen Wealth Formula to make money. Everything you need to succeed online is included in the course itself.

    It really helps it’s constantly updated too. Like I said, I signed up way back in 2013 and I’ve been receiving free updates since then. The biggest update was obviously when James launched Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0. He literally rebuilt the course from the ground up with completely new training and brand new methods and I got this absolutely free too! I’ve also received a ton of smaller updates since then at no additional cost either.

    You really don’t need to invest in anything else as it’s perpetually updated all year round which makes it awesome value, especially if you signed up when I did when the original version was just $97.

    1. It’s funny you should say that because I was going through the training the other night and I noticed the contents had completely changed from when I viewed it the night before.

      I spoke to James about it and he said he updated the training because there was a newer, better way of doing that particular step and he wanted to reflect that in the training.

      I asked why doesn’t he announce every time he updates the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 but he said lots of the updates are so trivial and he doesn’t want to pester his members every time he updates it.

      I wish there was somewhere in the member’s area where you could see what updates were made so I could apply the updates when necessary.

      Still, you can’t grumble as you get free updates for life for a one time fee which is practically unheard of in this industry.

  4. I wouldn’t say most of the updates have been trivial. There’s been times where he’s literally updated entire modules and created new additional content to compliment the corresponding modules. That, in itself, is a lot of work!

    I would even go as far to say is what you’re getting now is a completely different product to what it was when the original Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 launched due to all the tweaks and updates James constantly makes.

    Regardless, I think we can both agree it’s money well spent anyway!

    1. I haven’t been a Evergreen Wealth Formula member as long as you so I haven’t seen as many updates. The ones I’ve seen in the short period I’ve been a member though really does show James Scholes is committed to this for the long haul which is reassuring.

      But yes, it is money well spent, for sure!

  5. Hey Sean! I’m getting ready to join Evergreen; just curious, how many niches are you working in to make the $100 – $150 per day that you show above? I’m sure each niche is going to produce a different income and there are numerous variables involved to what constitutes how much your income turns out to be, but just curious how many you have and which ones you chose? Thanks!

    1. Hey Megan, great to meet you!

      The income shown in my Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review was done with just one niche.

      I’m also in another market (health related) but that only makes me around $40 – $60 a day from it, currently.

      That said, I haven’t put a lot of work into it as most of my effort has been focused on my original niche.

      Good luck with the Evergreen Wealth Formula anyway.

      1. Awesome thanks Sean, that’s VERY exciting to hear! I actually have 4 niches and will be getting started with Evergreen either later today or tomorrow WOO-HOO!!!


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