How To Build Your First Website For FREE

Just 20 years ago I can still remember how our lives ran calmly and peacefully. Those are the times when the internet was not extensively used and social media did not even exist yet. But today people cannot survive without them!

With everybody engaged in social media sites, still, there is a need for everyone to have a website. This is a simple guide on how to build your first website for free.

I’m sure a lot of people don’t know where do they start. Off-course you can always google, but you will find a plethora of information, which in the end will bring you back to the question of where to begin!

First, you will need a website builder. Normally a website builder would offer a few plans. Look up for the ones that have a free option.

Most of them are very easy to use, with the step-to-step guide. Not like the early days where you need to have programming knowledge with all the codings and algorithms, now it is much easier. In some cases, you can even use a smartphone, with swipe and drag functions. In this way, you can concentrate more on your products or service. Leave the rest to the website builder.

How to choose a Website Builder?

It depends on what purpose is your website as well as its needs and parameters. You will need to figure out the pros and cons and what special features it offers.

Look at the criteria below for consideration:

Easy to use

This is a common feature to look for, and for that matter applicable to all IT programs. You don’t want to get involved with all the complexity of programming-like steps.

Choice of templates

Find templates that suit your products or service. A good web builder would have a choice of wide range of varieties of decent template designs.

Customer Service

You can always test whether the customer support service is efficient and able to handle all kind of queries. This is crucial because you will need to work closely with them during the process of building your website so far.

To get the free website builders, basically, there are two alternatives. Firstly, there is a free trial period, upon which you can use it free of charge within a certain period, like 14 or 30 days.

When the period ends it will trigger to sign up for one of the paid plans. The other alternative is a perpetually free of charge plan, but you can only use very basic features and very limited access.

Take the following steps to build your website for free:

  1. Choose a preferred website builder so far
  2. Look up for the free option
  3. Choose a free domain name, with some reference to your business or service
  4. Custom-design your website by picking a suitable template and structure, and by filling up the pages
  5. When you have all the basics now you’re ready to publish your website to the world!

So now you can have your own website for free, and it’s as easy as ABC!

Sean Abbott

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