5 Tips on How You Can Monetise Your Blog for BIGGER Profits

5 Tips on How You Can Monetise Your Blog for BIGGER Profits

5 Tips on How You Can Monetise Your Blog for BIGGER Profits

Did you know that the highest-earning blogger in the world currently makes over 3 million dollars a month?

Yes, you heard me right! Blogging does pay a crazy ton of money. I bet most people would, by now, be citing how hard working that guy is and how dedicated he is to his work.

However, when it comes to blog monetization, forget all the “hard work pays” mambo jumbo and start thinking diversity, networking and strategy.

Diversity, in this case, implies constant research on new ways that you can make more money through your blog. Don’t rely on google ads only.

Networking, on the other hand, refers to the development of client and affiliate relationships that would be of benefit to your monetization goal while strategy involves countermeasures for resisting monotony and staying up to date with emerging blog-monetization trends.

To help boost your profits, I will provide crucial tips on how you can monetize your blog for bigger profits.

1. Sell your freelancing skills:

When starting a blog, it is just you and your freelancing skills whether writing, dealing with BPO companies, social media management or graphic design.

So how do you profit from this? Well, begin by creating content that would act as reference samples to potential clients.

Also, use them to generate some traffic by sharing them with friends and followers on your social media platforms. Next, identify clients that are within your niche and contact them (I found cold emailing to be effective for this task).

If for instance, your blog is about travel and leisure write to hotels, resorts and other tourism businesses. Offer to feature them on your blog at a certain cost.

Chances are that most of them will decline, but you will not miss one or two that may be willing to purchase your services. For this one, I recommend great patience.

2. Consider Affiliate marketing:

Remember that millionaire blogger that I mentioned? This may, perhaps, be one of the major ways that they earn their wealth. Note that affiliate marketing differs from selling your freelancing skills in two ways.

To begin with, affiliate marketing is a form of partnership in which you earn through a commission. Secondly, you only earn when a client makes a purchase through a link you post, which lead to your partner’s website.

In affiliate marketing, the concept of hard work is irrelevant as all you need to do is share a link to our readers/viewers and let your blog do the rest.

3. Offer tutorials and courses:

There has to be a reason why you picked a certain niche. The reasons may range from expertise on that field to great interest.

Either way, you must surely know more about the field than the average person. So how about you teach people how to do common things that you know and earn from it?

If for instance, your blog is on graphics design, provide tutorial video course  and have interested parties purchase them. You will surely earn good money from this.

In fact, there’s plenty of blogging courses that do this and get great results from it. So give that a try and see how it goes for you.

4. Employ an E-commerce Approach:

E-commerce, from a blogger’s perspective, can be done in two primary ways; either sell a product on the blog, sell an EBook.

A photography blogger can run his blog and still sell licensed photos to clients. A writer can also, collect and classify his works into an EBook or write new EBook content that they can sell and make a quick buck.

5. Offer Consultancy services:

With your knowledge and prolonged expertise, chances are people will come to you for advice on a number of issues.

A travel blogger will, for example, receive questions on ideal locations to visit, their range of services, safety, and other useful tips.

A financial blogger may also be bombarded with questions on investment, which stocks to purchase? Among others. Offer these services at a cost.


I know I might have made it seem so easy but as I said, you need to be quite witty and well-positioned to make these tips work.

Patience, I repeat once more is the vascular system of monetized blogging. Such a powerful virtue combined with the tips provided, your profit margin will, definitely, go off the roof.

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